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Our Aims

The strategic aims of management plans for the Seven Quarries (Brixham) and Hopes Nose (Torquay) are to:


Enhance biodiversity and landscape character


Improve economic prosperity and support regeneration of the Bay


Benefit people and create healthy communities


Safeguard ecosystem services


Develop successful environmental educational activities.


Protecting Torbay's natural woodland and coastal habitats

There are a number of rare and protected species of flora and fauna in Torbay that are potentially under threat in their wild coastal habitats.

This supports the vision for Torbay’s Green Infrastructure Delivery Plan:




“To build a sustainable Torbay for the future that protects and enhances the health and beauty of our natural environment, serves the needs of local people and supports economic development”


Encouraging individuals and groups to get active in 'The Great Outdoors'

11WEB Pyramidal Orchid

Potential environmental impact if we don’t address current concerns:


Increase in activity of daytime and overnight visitors to the area


Increase in amount of  unsupervised climb development and cliff clearing


Increase in litter


Increase in anti-social behaviour


Continued disturbance to protected/rare species of flora and fauna


Continued damage to habitat of wildlife rich landscape at a key natural area


Current Situation


The current situation at the site we manage regarding litter and damage has been improved by local support with clean up sessions voluntarily (throughout 2015).


The damage includes: Live Trees felled, fire damage to grass areas, broken glass at six locations, sizable pits of rubbish, abandoned tents, multiple litter sites, discarded clothing and human faeces on or near public footpaths.




Education & Learning Potential


It is the aim of our projects are to develop successful programmes of environmental education activities and events. These may include:


•Marine Environmental Education

•Marine Ecology and Conservation

•Sea School

•Leadership & Team Development – corporate and private, adult and children

•Mountain Training Accredited Courses – SPA, Intro to Rock Climbing, Lead climb development, Conservation Ecology & Climbing, Outdoor First Aid, MIRA

•Clubs & Association development

•Traineeships – Outdoor activity leadership

•Volunteer development



Key objectives


1.Create a sustainable management system to protect key natural areas in Torbay


2.Maintain and manage access to protected and rare species of flora and fauna


3.Supervise development of protected areas


4.Protect habitats


5.Manage littering


6.Provide volunteers to promote and carry out Practical conservation management tasks


7.Advertise and promote development for the benefit of ecology, education, conservation and economic development



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