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Seven Quarries Project

The Seven Quarries area hosts fascinating and varied species of flora and fauna. Some of these species are in decline in the UK, especially in wild coastal habitats. These species need to be protected to ensure a sustainable future can be established for them.


It is for this reason that we are restricting access to parts of the area. Wild camping is permitted in any area that is NOT restricted provided that the above conditions are respected.


As of 1st October 2015, we have been using dedicated infrared cameras in the restricted areas to capture data on specific species of flora and fauna.
























Below is the access notice from 2015 outlining the restricted area.


Illustration of project site.

The main objectives of the project are to preserve and manage this wild area and to encourage individuals and groups to participate in environmental educational activity that help to protect the delicate habitats within.

1. Take any litter away with you when you leave


2. Keep noise to a minimum


3. Do not remove or distrurb any flora or fauna


4. Use only the fire pits provided


5. Use the specified access point in and out of the quarries

For over a year, we have enlisted the generous help from volunteers and cleared Seven Quarries of all the litter and broken glass that build up due to irresponsible behaviours by people using the area for wild camping and tombstoning ( a recreational activity involving jumping off high rocky outcrops into the sea).


We DO NOT encourage tombstoning as it is highly dangerous due to fluctuating tides, currents and rock quality. However, we want to continue to encourage the use of the land for free wild camping.


All we ask is that people who use the land respect a few basic conditions:

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